Much Like The Rest Of The Internet, I’m Stunt Casting Mulan

In case you haven’t heard already, the biggest news out of the Disney Universe this week was that Disney is now developing a live action ‘Mulan’, thanks to the success of ‘Cinderella’ and what I’m sure will be the best movie ever, ‘Beauty And The Beast’. Mulan is in my top three Princesses of all time (with Belle and Pocahontas if you’re curious), so I’m wasting no time creating my dream cast for this film.

Mulan, mulan movie, mulan stunt casting, arden cho1. Mulan // Arden Cho - If you haven’t been watching ‘Teen Wolf’ on MTV you probably don’t know how Arden is, but trust me, the girl would make a great Mulan. Not only does she have the acting chops, but she’s also a singer/song writer, which makes me feel pretty confident that she could give even Christina Aguilera a run for her ‘Reflection’ based money.

Mulan, mulan movie, mulan stunt casting, kevin hart, mushu

2. Mushu // Kevin Hart - This is pretty straight forward. Because as much as I don’t want to admit that Eddie Murphy isn’t this generation’s Eddie Murphy… Kevin Hart is this generation’s Eddie Murphy.

Mulan, mulan movie, mulan stunt casting, harry shum jr, shang

3. Shang // Harry Shum Jr. - You probably know him from Glee, if you know him from anything at all… but again, that just means he’s proven he can sing. Give him a few months in the gym, and I’m 100% sure he can pass as a army captain who can also belt a show tune.

What do you think of my choices? Who would you cast in the upcoming ‘Mulan’?

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Freebies From Your Disney Resort Hotel

Welcome to the next stop on Magical Blogorail Orange. Today we are discussing freebies at the Disney Parks.


When it comes to Disney vacations, I’m a border line hoarder. I save anything and everything. Once time, back when Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! was in it’s prime at Disneyland, I took enough confetti from the parade that I have a purse I occasionally still find some in. Over the years, however – I’ve found the best free stuff comes from your Disney Resort Hotel (with a few exceptions). Don’t believe me? Here’s what I’m talking about…

1. Toiletries - Nothing makes your shower more magical than a Mickey soap bar, or what’s left of your Mickey shampoo. (I’ve also been known to reuse the bottles on other vacations since they’re so freakin’ cute).

2. Hotel Maps – I keep a running scrapbook of events in my life. From movie tickets to Disney Trips, everything gets a page. And for those Disney Tip pages, most have the hotel map serving as the background. It’s fun to remember how long of a trek your room was to the bus stop, or alternatively, how close you were to the pool. Those are the little things that make a Disney vacation that much more magical, and they’re perfectly represented by the sharpie based diagram a concierge draws for you when you check in.

My favorite towel creation to date. Where else are you going to get a memory like this? No where that’s what.

3. Hotel Keys – These may now be a thing of the past, but in that case your magic band can take their place. I’ll miss the keys to the world though, they were always such a good memory of the vacation (especially with the addition of your trip dates on the bottom).

4.  The Experiences – Okay, so maybe this is a little bit of a cop out – but I don’t know of any other hotels that will do any (much less all) of the following: build you a towel animal in your bathroom at the end of every night, have headboards that give a firework show on demand, feature greetings from animated characters (both Princesses and mice) or any of the 100 other things you can get to experience at any given resort hotel. Plus, you get even more opportunities for free photo shoots, for example, here’s a lovely photo my girlfriend and I took in front of the Grand Floridian Christmas tree:

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is This Roller Coaster Called Life.

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Wordless Wednesday – Photo Flashback

Another week, another link up with Deb over at Focused On The Magic for Wordless Wednesday! This week’s theme is: Photo Flashback.

I’ve already shared what I believe is the earliest picture of me on Disney property (you can find it on my about page), but – here’s a totally tiggeriffic 90s flashback that I think is just as well… terrific:

walt disney world, character meet and great, tigger

That’s me in the sick yellow sandals, and my younger sister in the skit. Anyone know where this was? Because I sure don’t.

I’ve got a lot of great photos like this… I’ve even shared my meet and greet with Winnie the Pooh around the same time, but I think I might want to compile them all into one mega post some day soon!

Focused on the Magic

5 Times Taylor Swift Was Actually Singing About Disney Movies

If you know me in real life, you know that two of my favorite things are Disney and Taylor Swift. So, instead of my typical Wordless Wednesday link up, I’m spending today sharing my greatest potential for internet fame yet. With out further ado… here are five times Taylor Swift Lyrics’ were actually about Disney movies:


beast-style elsa-blank-space

'White Horse'


1. ‘Starlight’ & ‘The Princess And The Frog’ // 2. ‘Style’ & ‘Beauty And The Beast’ // 3. ‘Blank Space’ & ‘Frozen’ // 4. ‘White Horse’ & ‘Snow White’ // 5. ‘Wonderland’ & ‘Tangled’.

Disney Link Love – The Week Of March 15

Disney, Disney Logo, Disney Links, Disney News

Is it just me or has there been a lot of great Disney stuff circulating lately? Here are a few of my favorites… but be sure to follow along on Facebook and Twitter for all of our favorite things on a daily basis!

Did I miss anything great from the wide world of Disney this week? Let me know if I need to add to this list!

Wordless Wednesday – Meeting Royality

Happy to be spending another week linking up with Deb of Focused On The Magic for Wordless Wednesday! This week’s theme is Disney Royality, so I figured it would be a great time to share my Princess meet and greet pictures! I’ve met all official Disney Princesses (sorry Ana and Elsa, but until they give you a coronation I still hold that honor), and most of them I met during my College Program.

I could go on and on about my favorites, funny stories, and meet and greet nightmares – but without further ado, here are the end results from my royal encounters:

So…if you’re smart, you’ll see I’m missing one image. Turns out, I don’t have a digital copy of my meeting and greet with the proprietor of a certain Royal Table. Know who I’m talking about? Let me know in the comments and I’ll give you an extra entry for the Neverland Beanie I’m giving away :) (Also, I promise to add our photo later, because I need this post to be complete to make my OCD feel okay).

Focused on the Magic

Thoughts On Avatar Land From A Former Animal Kingdom Cast Member Who Has Never Seen ‘Avatar’

disney's animal kingdom, avatar land, avatar, pandora, walt disney world

Is ‘Avatar’ land even the right thing to call this place? IDK. That’s how little I know about ‘Avatar’, a movie I avoided because I believe James Cameron peaked with ‘Titanic’ and also because I just didn’t really believe all the hype.

That being said, Disney released some awesome new concept art for the newest addition to Animal Kingdom last week, and I figured it was time I fully come out in support of the ‘Avatar’ expansion. Here are just a few reasons I think this is actually the best idea Disney has had in a while:

1. It brings a new brand into the fold. A lot of people think that ‘Avatar’ and Walt Disney World seem like a weird fit. And I get where they’re coming from…sort of. But, it’s not the first time Disney has partnered with an iconic movie to help make its world come to life. Remember – Star Tours existed long before Disney owned Lucas Films, and Indiana Jones happens to be one of my favorite rides in Disneyland. Partnering with brands like this isn’t a new concept, even if ‘Avatar’ itself may seem a little far fetched.

2. It gives Animal Kingdom a much needed update. When you take the bus to Animal Kingdom, they’re still telling you that the newest update to the park is Expedition Everest. And while I love that mountain and that yeti, that ride opened in 2006. It’s time to get some fresh faces in the park, and maybe make it so people don’t just ride aforementioned roller coaster and then spend the rest of the day somewhere else.

3. It’s a great story to bring to life.  I know a lot of people hated the writing of Avatar, but I don’t think I’ve found a person who hated its visual styling. In fact, part of the reason I still haven’t seen it is because I want to see it in theaters (and I’m sure they’ll re-release it once the second one finally comes out). But I think it makes perfect sense to have a movie that was so innovative in its use of special effects come to a park and a company that’s so well known for creating innovative attractions and films as well.

How do you feel about Pandora coming to Animal Kingdom? (I know it’s called Pandora now – thanks, blogging! You learn something new everyday).